Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Autistics Speaking Day for Musical Autists

CJ Diachenko posted Autistics Speaking Day for Musical Autists on www.themusicalautist.com and has opened the site up for Autistic Musicians to share their music.

In honor of Autistics Speaking Day – Ms.CJ would simply like to express her heartfelt dream and determination that this blog, one day, will be a site where autistics can have a place to share their music. To have an avenue for self-advocacy, without the threat of being exploited by the media.

What do I mean by “exploited?” You know like, the way many NTs can be towards Musical Autists.  For example, “Oh look at how musically talented they are, even though they have autism….”

Have we heard that before?  Yes.  Is it right for them to push the YouTube clips in hopes that it will become viral and give the Musical Autist (99% of the time, this being a cute autistic child) 15 minutes worth of fame?  Is that all there is?

What if the Musical Autist had a central platform for self-advocacy?

We are more than just another passing fancy.

Give us time to grow.  To get our technology skills in order. You will hear from us. Especially on days like today!  These musical gifts are gifts from God. They cannot be ignored, trivialized or infantiled.

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