Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yes, That Too: Autistics Speaking Day 2013

Oh hey, it's November 1, Autistics Speaking Day. I'm Autistic. I don't always say words with my mouth, but I communicate, and that's the version of “speaking” I'm using. I've got two main ideas for what to talk about: I've got an autistic character planned for my NaNoWriMo novel(s) who types “I was able to say words. That turned out not to be the same thing as speaking” about a potion that let her... say words. The idea was to let her talk. It's a fantasy novel. I've also got the speaking I do in my daily life, educating people by way of being the autistic adult that they actually know of. The way diagnosis looks in China, there aren't exactly a lot of autistic college students who know they're autistic here. That's not to say there's no autistic students: I think that one of my classmates in graph theory might be autistic. But there's not really people my age who know they're autistic, or there's not a lot of us and we're mostly not in colleges.

You can read the rest of Alyssa's post at Yes, That Too.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Preparation for ASDay 2013

The submission form for ASDay 2013 is online.  So if you have something ready in advance, go ahead and submit it.  Remember, we also take late submissions, up till the end of the year.  Therefore, let yourself take the time to work on your piece and don't stress out about meeting the deadline.  We love every submission because it's your voice, in whatever format and medium you communicate.

Also, you can always submit your work through our email at AutisticsSpeakingDay at 

Feel free to email us questions and suggestions too.  

And as we all prepare, we remind everyone to view the social media page to review our social media outlets, and the content filters page to view the filters we tag posts and what trigger warnings are.