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The purpose of ASDay is for Autistic people to use social networking media and websites to tell our own stories, our own experiences from our own lives, our difficulties, our strengths, passions and joys.
This can be done in whatever manner you feel the most comfortable, on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, on your blogs, and elsewhere.

Tell what you want people to know, in your own words and the way you want to tell it.

No one has to use all of the social media sites out there.  For example, last year for ASDay, Kathryn stayed on Facebook, continously moderating and managing the huge list of contributing blogs.  That was a task that Corina couldn't handle, so she stayed on Twitter, encouraging a rather lively discussion from a large amount of people.  Together, we managed to stay on track with the mediums that suited our skills the best. 

What matters is that it's your story and it's you that's telling it.

If you want to be a part of the participants list, let us know.

If you just want to be on the list, and not have your blog entry posted here, also let us know. 

We have a Facebook group here:

We have a Twitter account here:!/AutisticsSpeak

We have a Tumblr blog:

We have an email: AutisticsSpeakingDay[at]!
(replace [at] with @)

And of course, you can contact us here on the blog through comments!

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