Monday, October 1, 2018

Autistics Speaking Day 2018 Prep

Hello all!

Corina here!

I have the submission form up for ASDay 2018 in case anyone wants to submit something early for this year. A reminder that even if you submit early, ASDay starts on November 1 and that's when submissions will be posted.

Link to the submission form is found in the side bar and here.

Can't wait to see everyone's submissions this year!!

Participants List 2017


Courtney Johnson - The Case for Identity-first
Anonymous Guest on Samantha Hack's Tumblr - Sparrows and Penguins
C.L. Bridge - I’m Not “Other”, I’m Your Classmate
Cyndi/butterflyinthewell - The Heart Asks For Pleasure First
Leonard Corey Philip - Neurodiversity Theory: An Introduction
Paula Jones - Understanding the female aspire in your life. (see content warnings)
Carolina Rutz - Of Acceptance and Kisses from Silver Charm (see trigger warnings)
K. Bron Johnson - We're Not As Divided As You Believe
Dani Alexis - Sad Little Autistics Can't Get Girlfriends and That's Not a Bad Thing
Rachel Waters - The Woman Who Mistook Herself for a Sociopath
Nicolette - An Open Letter to Autism Speaks
Christy Walk - We Are Still Here and Not Going Anywhere
Leeanne Marshall - Autistics Speaking Day: On Understandings
chavisory - Autistics Speaking Day 2017: What I would say to autistic people who want a cure
echolaliachamber - My body is not your empathy gimmick
Nika Rivilis - "I Wish You Knew. (Removed by author's request)
Dallas Brogden - Stop attacking us and start listening to us: Autistic adults (see trigger warnings)
Jane Au Strauss - #Autistics Speaking Day (see trigger warnings)
Tamsin Parker - Force of Habit
Janey Colbourne - Nonverbal Day Today
Janey Colbourne - #ADHD and #ASD do they make a good couple?
Catsidhe - Words Cut (see trigger warnings) 
Paula Jones - Adventures of an autistic business owner (see content warnings)
Vanissar Tarakali - Somatics on the Spectrum (see content warnings)
Spekkio - How the Victorian Public Service discriminates against autistic graduates (see trigger warnings) 
Alyssa - "Speaking" to academia #ASDay
TimeTravellingGirl - Autistics Speaking Day: Special Interests and Autism
AutismDogGirl - We need to stop treating AAC as a last ditch option and more
Corina Becker - For ASDay 2017 and Ever After
Adelaide Dupont - Does the happy autist have a history? (see trigger warnings)
Brigid Rankowski - La La La, I'm so Happy
tahrab - The assessment and The supermarket (see trigger warnings)