Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We're Not As Divided As You Believe

K. Bron Johnson submits We're Not As Divided As You Believe from One Quarter Mama

We're Not As Divided As You Believe

If you speak to a lot of parents of autistic people, you'll hear many excuses for why they don't listen to us as authorities of the autistic experience. Aside from the whole, "you're not like my child" (well no, we've grown up), I'd say the most common way to try to discredit us is by saying our community is divided.

And I'm going to jump in here as someone who's very active in the community and say NO. That is not the case. If you choose to believe that, you're just making excuses. 

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  1. Read this and I thought it was great and true.

    AutisticsSpeakingDay is one the days we all come together.


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