Monday, October 1, 2018

Participants List 2017


Courtney Johnson - The Case for Identity-first
Anonymous Guest on Samantha Hack's Tumblr - Sparrows and Penguins
C.L. Bridge - I’m Not “Other”, I’m Your Classmate
Cyndi/butterflyinthewell - The Heart Asks For Pleasure First
Leonard Corey Philip - Neurodiversity Theory: An Introduction
Paula Jones - Understanding the female aspire in your life. (see content warnings)
Carolina Rutz - Of Acceptance and Kisses from Silver Charm (see trigger warnings)
K. Bron Johnson - We're Not As Divided As You Believe
Dani Alexis - Sad Little Autistics Can't Get Girlfriends and That's Not a Bad Thing
Rachel Waters - The Woman Who Mistook Herself for a Sociopath
Nicolette - An Open Letter to Autism Speaks
Christy Walk - We Are Still Here and Not Going Anywhere
Leeanne Marshall - Autistics Speaking Day: On Understandings
chavisory - Autistics Speaking Day 2017: What I would say to autistic people who want a cure
echolaliachamber - My body is not your empathy gimmick
Nika Rivilis - "I Wish You Knew. (Removed by author's request)
Dallas Brogden - Stop attacking us and start listening to us: Autistic adults (see trigger warnings)
Jane Au Strauss - #Autistics Speaking Day (see trigger warnings)
Tamsin Parker - Force of Habit
Janey Colbourne - Nonverbal Day Today
Janey Colbourne - #ADHD and #ASD do they make a good couple?
Catsidhe - Words Cut (see trigger warnings) 
Paula Jones - Adventures of an autistic business owner (see content warnings)
Vanissar Tarakali - Somatics on the Spectrum (see content warnings)
Spekkio - How the Victorian Public Service discriminates against autistic graduates (see trigger warnings) 
Alyssa - "Speaking" to academia #ASDay
TimeTravellingGirl - Autistics Speaking Day: Special Interests and Autism
AutismDogGirl - We need to stop treating AAC as a last ditch option and more
Corina Becker - For ASDay 2017 and Ever After
Adelaide Dupont - Does the happy autist have a history? (see trigger warnings)
Brigid Rankowski - La La La, I'm so Happy
tahrab - The assessment and The supermarket (see trigger warnings)

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