Monday, September 9, 2013

Participation List 2012

We're getting ready for Autistic Speaking Day 2013, so before I forget (many times again), here is the participation list for 2012!!

Thank you all for your contributions and to all of our volunteers for helping make ASDay a success!!  

Autistic Contributors

Communication and Me! by Autiemom at Tales from an Autism Family

Flapping To Kalamazoo (a poem for Autistics Speaking Day) by Rebecca Loggenberg on Autistic-Me

The Joy of STRIPES by Paula C. Durbin-Westby on her blog paulacdurbinwestbyautisticblog.  and The Big (and Ableist) Difference between Self-Diagnosed and "Professionally" Diagnosed Autistics

To You, Young Autistic Friend by Amy Sequenzia Trigger Warning for the possibility of ableist comments

Jane Strauss writes Autistics Speaking Day on Facebook Trigger Warning for brief mentions of abuse

Autistics Speaking Day 2012 by Sparrow Jones on Unstrange Mind: Remapping My World

E (The Third Glance) writes Autistics Speaking Day 2012: There's a Flap for That on The Third Glance

Kassiane writes Autistics Speaking Day: This is Why We Need It (lessons learned from talking to Orycon) on Radical Neurodivergence Speaking

Catsidhe writes Independence through reliance upon others on LiveJournal

Lydia at Autistic Hoya writes A Troubling Trend at Sci-Fi Cons Trigger Warning: Ableism, brief cissexist and binarist quote, and descriptions of ableist encounters. 

Cynthia writes This Is My Normal on Musings of an Aspie

Malcolm Mayfield writes Autistic Speaking Day on tumblr

Autism Is Gray by Lori Berkowitz on

Intolerance is Intolerable, and Ignorance is Not to be Ignored by The Autistic Dude on The Autistic Dude in a Neurotypical World

2012, An Anniversary written by Corina Becker at No Stereotypes Here

Alyssa Zisk wrote Autistics Speaking EVERY Day

Andrew Edward Collins writes The Anxiety of Publishing

Rayn writes Autistics Speaking Day 2012! on

@xcoffeezombiex writes Autistics Speaking Day on More Than Disorganised

Matt Friedman writes Tiny Island on Dude, I'm An Aspie.

From Elizabeth J. (Ibby) Grace comes Autistics Speaking Day 2012: My Ode to Dapples on Tiny Grace Notes (AKA Ask an Autistic)

Acknowledging Growth by MainJelly at

Louise Parker has a series of posts called Bad Advice on The Cat's Aunt.

My Doggy Personality and 2012 Walk Now For Autism Speaks (Atlanta, GA) by Timotheus "Pharaoh" Gordon on Pharaoh's Principles (via Abilities to the Arts)

Speak Your Mind by Smuggy Bunny on Autistic And Awesome

First Contact by Jessica Banks (@ProfBanks on Twitter) on her blog Jessica Banks schools you.

Ru has written Accepting Herself on tumblr

Standing by Duckie

I am Autistic and I am Tired by Steve Summers on Facebook

Adkyriolexy writes Changing The Odds on Kyriolexy

Autistics Speaking Day, 2012 by Nightengale on Nightengale of Samarkand LiveJournal

Bridget Allen writes No Safe Spaces on It's Bridget's Word   Trigger warning for mentions of hate speech.

Happily Clueless writes Why I can't speak as Autistic, yet on Happily Clueless

When Other People Don’t Get It by Danni Brennand on

Jo’s Autistics Speaking Day Post on tumblr Trigger warning for mentions of suicide

Bard writes Nerds in the Bedroom on Prism*Song NSFW Trigger Warning for Adult Content, discussion of sex and sexuality

Alexander Cheezem writes On Autistics Speaking Day on A View From The Boundaries

Mental Tides by Laura/Light It Up Boo on Facebook

Meditations on Behavior Policing by Michael Scott Monje Jr. on Shaping Clay Trigger warning for isolation-related PTSD

My Video Blog for Autistics Speaking Day by Rainbow on Youtube.

Katharine E Annear writes Cure vs Acceptance in the context of Neurodiversity – Autistics Speaking on AUTAP.COM

Kai writes Upon Tomorrow on The Next Ten Words

Lady Ashmire writes Late ASDay post ( or untitled)

Squiditty writes Stories Seldom Seen Trigger warning for ableism, ableist murder, discussion of victims lives

Nickolas D writes My History on Self- Determine and Independent through Autism

J. Gray writes Autistics Speaking Day this year

Allistic Contributors

Autismum has posted Autistics Speaking Day 2012 on Autismum

Kelly at OneQuarterMama has submitted her piece Different is Not Wrong

Media Coverage

Sharon daVanport at the Autism Women's Network has written Autistics Speaking Day 2012: Two Years Since it all Began

Alyssa Zisk

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  1. Just wanted to say, while I did not have a diagnosis when I submitted my post in 2012, I am not allistic, I'm Autistic (and it's all official-like :)


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