Thursday, October 22, 2015

Images and Links

So I have images for this year!!

I also have the submission form ready to go, so if you already have something written that you want to send in, please feel free to fill it out! It can be found through this link.

And of course, there is our Facebook, our Tumblr, and our Twitter!

I want to remind everyone that anything you submit to ASDay is your work; you are free to participate in other events with your work.  

Because ASAN-Atlanta is calling for submissions for Neurodiversity November, and it's open to all neurodiverse people.  So check it out here! 

There's also interest about Autistic History Month, which is also November.  I hope this is the right link to it (if not, let me know).

Whew!!  A lot goes on in November!

I want to thank everyone who is even thinking of submitting anything to either ASDay, Neurodiversity November, and/or Autistic History Month.  This is all telling our stories, our history, our lives.

I also want to thank everyone for bearing with me this year; I've caught a nasty cold which I'm still trying to shake off, and hopefully be well for November 1st this year.  I will do my best to run ASDay, but I might not be as fast as I have been in previous years.  I'm still very excited about ASDay, and can't wait to see what this year has waiting!

Thanks again! See you November 1st!

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