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Last year's ASDay participants

I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone of the participants of last year's ASDay.  Here is the list I made then.

1.  Action for Autism’s Mike Stanton explains why Communication Shutdown is offensive, and what it is like when autistic people shut down in real life.

2.  Alexander Cheezem writes an awesome open letter to Buzz Aldrin.

3.  Allecto on dispelling myths about autism.

4.  Alysia Krasnow Butler on her own son’s autism diagnosis and her friend’s son’s recent unexpected diagnosis.  A beautiful post.

5.  Amanda Forest Vivian on problems with the kinds of things non-autistics are trying to “fix” in autistic people.  This is really awesome and you should read it if you’re not familiar with the concepts of “ableism” and why it’s not necessary or even beneficial to “pass” for non-autistic.

6.  Ari Ne’eman from the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network on Communication Shutdown and Autistics Speaking Day.

7.  AS Parenting has an awesome article on autism (including nonverbal autism) and advocacy. 

8.  ASD Mommy-I don’t know this blogger’s name, but it is a good post.

9.  A.S.S.G.O. (AS Support Group Online)’s post for Autistics Speaking Day.

11.  Brigy Staples on the double standards people use with autistic people.

12.  Britt Kravets on social interaction and acceptance for the whole spectrum.

13.  Clay on Autistics Speaking Day; also contains Ari Ne’eman’s post.

14.  Codeman busting myths about autism.

15.  The Coffee Klatch on their Twitter event, which you should totally check out if you have Twitter. 

16.  Corabelle Li Crol on the power of the Internet and autistic people.

17.  Corina Becker’s guest blog on things she knows as an autistic person, and her post on her own blog for Autistics Speaking Day.

18.  Craig Thompson posted a video about autism and communication.

19.  Cripchick (Stacy Milbern) on the dangers of donating to non-profit autism organizations that are all about profit and do nothing for autistic people.

21.  Darcy Reed is an autistic writer who writes beautiful poetry.

22.  Ed Ised had posted some things that I don’t quite agree with but his voice deserves to be heard as much as anyone’s.

23.  Elaine Caul on awareness. 

26.  Estee Klar on the dangers of trying to normalize autistic people with medication.

27.  Gavin Bollard on why a day of silence doesn’t work.

28.  Gaynell on the harm that society has allowed to be done to autistic people, particularly on physical abuse and restraint.  This is an important issue in the community right now.

30.  Heather Sedlock on her autistic son’s life.

31.  Ian on his experiences with autism.
32.  Jennefer explains what she would like people to know about her three-year-old autistic son, referred to here as HRH.

33.  Jill with some general info on autism and ASDay.

34.  John Elder Robinson posts his support here.

35.  John Scot Thorburn on how autistic voices should be heard.

37.  Julia Charlotte’s Anatomy of an Autistic.

38.  Julian Edward Frost posts on his own experience with autism.

39.  Karen Baum writes her first blog post on Autistics Speaking Day, for which I am honored.

40.  Karin has written several posts for today, which can be viewed here:

41.  Kassiane on what she can tell you and explain about living with autism, and being on your autistic kid’s side. and
42.  Kathleen on autistic people and communication.

43.  Kathryn Bjornstad writes about Autistics Speaking Day and shares a list of participants.

44.  Kerry Cohen on her autistic son, who she has written a memoir about.

45.  Kevin Healey shares the voices of autistic people.

46.  Kim Wombles on supporting autistic people instead of shutting down.

47.  Leah Jane on how the Internet made it possible for her autism club to pull off a successful event. and on the aftermath of ASDay

48.  Lindsay on listening to disabled people.

49.  Luna Lightning on her own experiences with autism and life in general.

50.  Maddy Keene on her experience with autism/Asperger’s. 

51.  Matt Friedman explains how social media has helped him and why autistics must speak for themselves.

52.  Maya Brown-Zimmerman on battles with the early intervention system.

53.  Melissa Fields on not feeling welcome in the non-autistic world.

54.  Nicole Nicholson shares an awesome poem with us for Autistics Speaking Day.  She is also sharing other poems, so check them out.

55.  Ole Ferme L'Oeil on the wide range of people in the autism spectrum; also includes some awesome links to other important blog posts that you should check out.

56.  Pamela Harvey on the use of silence.

57.  Paula C. Durbin-Westby shares her e-mail to Buzz Aldrin about Communication Shutdown and Autistics Speaking Day. 

58.  Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg on empathy and communication.

59.  Sandy challenges the idea that verbal communication is the best form of communication.

61.  Savannah posts poems about her experiences with autism.

62.  Scottish Mum on why Communication Shutdown is not for her.

63.  Shanti writes about her life, selective mutism, and her obsessions.

64.  Shelly Valladolid on autistic special interests and their validity.  I don’t know a better way to put it; it’s a short but good post.

65. Socrates from the New Republic on Autistics Speaking Day.

66.  Stuart Duncan on breakdowns in communication.

67.  Sunday Stillwell writes an informative post on Autistics Speaking Day.

and here 
69.  TMBMT on the pain of growing up undiagnosed.

70.  Tony Belcastro writes about what autism is like for him and how it has affected his life.

71.  Toxicology Doc on communication.

72.  Unstrange Mind on what you would have to do to really understand how her autism affects her.  Hint: it’s not turning off your computer.

73.  The Untoward Lady on autism and love.

75.  Zachary Lassiter on why many autistic people won’t be participating in Communication Shutdown.

76. I missed Nick Walker's post before, but here it is now.

77.  Also missed Jo's blog post here about the difficulties she has encountered raising a son with Asperger's.

78.  Wendy on alt med, food allergies, and other things.

79.  Spectrummy Mummy on her experiences with Autistics Speaking Day. 

80.  Elesia Ashkenazy's ASDay post.

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