Monday, August 22, 2011

Participants for 2011!

Hi all!!  It's August when I'm posting this.  Kathryn and I are excitedly getting ready for our second ASDay!

We want to get things started earlier than last year, and we wanted a place where we could put everything together in one location.  So we made here.  Please let us know if there is anything we need to change here to make it more accessible to everyone.

Also, if you're planning to participate this year, let us know!!  Either message me on Twitter (@CorinaBecker), on our Facebook event page, or leave a comment here!

When people's blog posts start going up, we'll be turning this into a large list like we did for last year.  So let us know if and when you have a blog post, or whether you'll be on Facebook or Twitter, or even somewhere else online!


edit: we also have a Twitter account now, and an email address.  Email us at AutisticsSpeakingDay [at]

Participants for 2011

Autistic Participants:
Bridget Allen at It's Bridget's Word
Curly Autie at The ASDay blog

Thoughty Autie at Thoughty Autie
Bard at Prism*Song
Julia Bascom at Just Stimming
Corina Becker at No Stereotypes Here
Tony Belcastro at First Gay Aspie
Lori Berkowitz at LoriB
Kathryn Bjornstad at Katy Doesn't Live In Smithton
Sarah Black at Accepting and Embracing Autism
Jay Blue at Life on the Spectrum
Rudy Brachman at Rudy Speaks
Bruce at Born 2 Be Me
Landon Bryce at ThAutcast 
Laura Eleanor Butler at the ASDay blog
Danni Brennan at Danillion
Lydia Brown at Autistic Hoya
Bob Castleman at Bob's Bizarre Brain Bazaar 
Catsidhe at Catsidhe
Alexander Cheezem at A View From the Boundaries 
Charli Devnet at the ASDay blog
Emily at Fear the Mighty Spork 
Matt Friedman at Dude, I'm An Aspie
Julian Edward Frost at African Jungle and Autism Jungle
Fryfan20 at Fryfan20 and Clear Space
Maria Gaskin at Strings and Things
Gimp Girl IRC Channel
Kate Gladstone at Handwriting That Works
The Rainbow Goddess at Purple Aspie
StrangerinGodzone at A Stranger in Godzone
Timotheus "Pharaoh" Gordon at Pharaoh's World
Ian at Youtube
Jessica at ASL Aspergirl
Leah Jane at  Nominatissima
Kassiane at Radical Neurodivergence Speaking
Stephen Kelley at Youtube
Sean Patrick Kelly at Sean Patrick Kelly's Little Corner of the Web
Sabine Kiefner at Asperger's Syndrome in Women
Britt Kravets at A Bird in the Hand
Melody Latimer at AS Parenting
Autist Liam at the ASDay Blog
Alicia Lile at Moonlit Lily
Louise at The Cat's Aunt

Lydia at Autistic Speaks Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone at Cracked Mirror in Shallot
Jenn McGrath at the ASDay Blog
Karin Mossberg at Beware the Aspie
Lindsey Nebeker at Naked Brain Ink
Ari Ne'eman at The Autistic Self Advocacy Network and NeuroTribes
Nicole Nicholson at Raven's Wing Poetry and Woman With Aspergers
Ember Nickle at Lipogram! Scorecard! 
Penni at Watch Me As I Fall Apart
Peripheral Perspective at ASDay Blog 
Rayn at Acid Rayn
Zoey Roberts at Spectrum Times
Jodie Ray Rosenblum at Autistics Speaking Day
Jason Ross at Drive Mom Crazy
Sarah at Good Reads 
John Charles Saunders at Accepting Differences
Amy Sequenzia at the ASDay Blog
Nadine Sibler at the ASDay Blog
Alianne Sonderling at Authenticity in Communication
R. Larkin Taylor-Parker at Traveling Show
Tielserrath at Lyssa and Me
Twitchy Woman at Weird Law
Matt Walters at the ASDay Blog 
Richard Wigglesworth at Tudor Acid
Alexis Yael at alexis-yael
Melanie Yergeau at aspie rhetor
Unknown at More than Disorganized

Non-Autistic Ally Participants:
A Day in Our Shoes at A Day in Our Shoes
Devon Alley at From Inside the Puzzle
DIStherapy at DIStherapy
CJ Diachenko at The Musical Autist
Liz Ditz at The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism and I Speak of Dreams
Stuart Duncan at Autism From A Father's Point of View
The Accidental Expert at Raising Complicated Kids
Kelly Green at Autism HWY 
hsvihl at Adventures of My Life 
Virginia Hughes at SFARI
Annie Kay at Autism Custody Battles on Twitter
Jim Martin at Gingerhead Dad
Chris McGee at I Saw A Pigeon
MJ at Autism Jabberwocky 
Jennifer Myers at Into the Woods
Martine O'Callaghan at Autism Mum
Shannon Des Rosches Rosa at Squidalicious
Sarah Schneider at Kitaiska Sandwich
Shark-fu at Angry Black Bitch
Sharon at Mama's Turn
Sortedmegablock at Sortedmegablocks
SpectrummyMummy at SpectrummyMummy
Stimey at Stimeyland 
Kim Wombles at Countering
Students from English 416 at the University of Michican



  1. I do not have autism myself, but I support Autism and am working toward getting my Autism teaching endorsement. I will be posting a blog post.

  2. Count me and my blog in!

  3. I have started the participant list now. Feel free to check it out.

  4. Can you put my blog on your list? I have written a post for Autistics Speaking Day, but haven't yet put it up on my blog (it's already November 1st here) as i'm waiting on someone to give permission to quote her in it. But it should soon be up.
    My blog is at

  5. This upcoming year, when you make this list, can you direct-link to the posts instead of just the blogs? It would be awesome to be able to read the specific posts easily. (Also please note this isn't complaining or grouching or anything, it's just a thought for possible improvement. :)) Thanks for doing such great work! As the webmaster behind the Autism Positivity Flash Blog this past April (sleep? that's for wusses!), I completely understand just how much work this is, and want to convey that I appreciate every minute and hour spent organizing and doing this. You are awesome :)

    1. That is a very good suggestion. I'm sure we can do that. Thanks!

      (lol, sleep. benefit of ASDay on Nov 1st is Halloween candy :D)

    2. Oh! I think I know why we haven't been doing that with the participants list, because it's more difficult to tag triggers and such with it. But we'll see what we can do, cause that's still good.


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