Friday, October 13, 2017

Participants List 2016


Duke Rumbles. 

Cassie Autistics Speaking Day 2016: The Journey From Self-Loathing to Self-Acceptance and the Forging of Identity
Catsidhe On Autism and the sensation of Time.
Sara Kerkstra writes A Simple Desire (And other blogs)
C. L. Bridge My Personality Is Not a Sub-Type Presentation
Christy Walk I Am Autistic, and I am Valid (Trigger Warnings)
ActingNT (Daniel Au Valencia) Acceptance Must Not Become a Buzzword
Mx. Vera Didenko INFJs, Old Souls, and Vera
Leeanne Marshall An Unplanned Entry
Dr Levinstein I Will Not Rest
Julian Frost Autistics' Speaking Day: Autism in South Africa - an opportunity lost
Tuttleturtle Today I am silent
FeministAspie Autistics Speaking Day 2016: Affirmations For You
Kit Mead You call me expressive and miss the struggle it takes and On everything I love and want to succeed (Trigger Warnings)
Nora What Can I Say? (Trigger Warnings)
Michelle Sutton Autism does define me
Alyssa Silence of Absence
Neurodivergent K things you don't want to hear
Kris This Genderqueer Autistic is Speaking Out on Autistics Speaking Day (Trigger Warnings)
Dani Alexis Love's Austere and Lonely Offices (Trigger Warnings)
Caycilia Marble (A Poem)
Leia Solo Autistic Speaking
Michael Scott Monje Jr. That One Time I Had to Strike Against the IWW (Trigger Warnings)
R. Larkin Taylor-Parker Being a Welcoming Community
Nightengale Writing the Brochure I Want to Read in the World
NonSpeakingNonSilent i'm just going to be me and The actual Autism crisis
Amythest Schaber The problem is less that autistic people aren’t speaking, and much more that non-autistic people won’t stop.
Mintythings Authenticity (Trigger Warning)
Riki If you Value Autistics Return our voices
Kathryn Bjornstad-Kelly ASDay Post


  1. Hey I participated in 2016. Here's a link.


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