Saturday, October 31, 2020

Participants List 2019

10th Anniversary

Autistic Participants

Devin S. Turk Autistic Out Loud: an essay on Stimming and Autism Acceptance
Nora How do you see me? (content warnings: anxiety)
Nightengale Script the script, I pray you, trippingly on the tongue
Joelle Marie Being autistic... in September (see content warnings: discussion of suicide prevention strategies)
Leeanne Marshall On misunderstandings again
Catsidhe (David Cameron Staples) But I don't feel disabled
chavisory Would you believe your own child?
Cassandra Crosman How Embracing Neurodiversity Helped Me to Find Myself
Alyssa Literally Speaking About Not-Always-Speaking on Autistics Speaking Day
Jane Strauss #Autisticsspeakingday, tenth edition
Leo Jones A Letter to Jeanafer
Christina-Marie "The Gonzo Mama" Wright Growing Up Autistic Without a Diagnosis, and the Importance of Community
Alex Kronstein Acceptance should not be contingent on how useful we are to the rest of the world

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