Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mental Tides

Mental Tides by Laura/Light It Up Boo on Facebook

Today is Autistics Speaking Day. 

One thing that just came to my mind was that the autistic mind is like an ocean, in that we have high and low tides. This does not mean "functioning level". It means sometimes it takes a lot more effort for me to do something like remember to eat or bathe. Sometimes it's easier to do these things, and sometimes it's harder. Being autistic means it's never automatic for me to do these things. My energy levels, or tides, change over various lengths of time. It is affected by things like my mood, what activity I am currently doing and how much energy it takes, how my physical body is feeling, who I am interacting with and how, and what my surroundings are. These affect tidal levels in my mental ocean. Sometimes a storm arrives and makes it harder for the tides to stay where I expect them. This week I had one of those unexpected storms and it has been hard on my executive functioning. I am hoping this storm will clear up soon because I have other tasks that I can't neglect.

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