Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stories Seldom Seen

Squiditty writes Stories Seldom Seen

Trigger warning for ableism, ableist murder, discussion of victims lives

I’ve written here once before about the memorial cairn I tend in my backyard, about the small (and yet too large) huddle of stones that mark the lives and deaths of fellow disabled people who have been murdered.   I’m writing once again because it’s the beginning of November, when I hold my yearly vigil, and because it’s the time of Autistics Speaking Day. 
Not all of the stones I had to add this year were for autistic people, though many of them were.  There’s a lot of overlap in the issues faced by the autistic community and those facing the disabled community as a whole, and that’s tended to be particularly true here.  For the past five years I’ve marked the night quietly and alone- but tonight, I’m here to speak  their names for anyone who will listen.

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