Saturday, November 1, 2014

If You Walk on Issy's Shoes

Amy Sequenzia writes If You Walk on Issy's Shoes

TW for mentions of abuse, silencing, attempted murderer of Autistic person, murderer apologists

I wrote this poem after some murderers apologists, Kelli Stapleton's friends, began an "excuse" campaign, saying that every parent of an Autistic child as "difficult" and "violent" as Issy should understand the urge to murder the child. They said that people should stop calling Kelli a horrible person and try to "walk on Kelli's shoes".
And the media decided that the attempted murderer should have all the space she wanted to continue to demonize Issy, and all Autistics.
Issy is not remembered, the apologists, and the media, don't care about how she feels.
I do not forget

If You Walk on Issy's Shoes

If you walk on Issy's shoes
You better be prepared
Her shoes bring the pain
Of an unimaginable event

If you walk on her shoes
You need to know this
There will be pain and tears
And you will be blamed

Issy's shoes will show you
How she felt through the years
The abuse and silencing
The hurt, the abandonment

Be prepared to be mocked
And to be called a monster
They will say you are broken
They’ll blame you for it all

When you try to say "no"
You will find they won't listen
When then you try again
They’ll punish you for that too

The world will overwhelm you
Your response will be forceful
They will say you are violent
It's “your fault” they don't listen

If you walk on Issy's shoes
You will love with passion
But because you are Autistic
She will pretend you can't feel

She will not respect you
She will prefer some adulation
From others like herself
Who believe they are heroes

Your dignity will be crushed
For hits on a blog
Your image tarnished forever
Your right to be, questioned

She will wish you unborn
She will mock your hard moments
To her, you are a burden
Something to get rid of

Until the ultimate act
The crime of the one who should protect
She will have a glimpse of remorse
For herself, but not for you

If you walk on Issy's shoes

You will be blamed for her flaws
You will be blamed for her crimes
You will always be used by her
You will be the monster who chases her

If you walk on Issy's shoes
Be prepared to be the villain
Even though you are the victim
Her friends will protect and defend her

If you walk on Issy's shoes
Just hope you survive

Copyright 2014 by Amy Sequenzia

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  1. I am into reading poems about Children with special needs experience and your poem just capture my heart and soul.


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