Sunday, November 1, 2015

Guerilla Aspies on the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe - Preamble

Paul Wady has sent in "Guerilla Aspies on the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe - Preamble" on YouTube

(a little bit of a warning, there's some background noise in the video)

I have been married to Aspie Elizabeth 8 years this December and worked for the National Autistic Society UK for 10 years next January. I wrote the Guerilla Aspies book and am touring a show that converts audiences to autism. I have set up and led social groups for aspies, made training films for the Nas, do training around the UK for Nas and work for the Brokerage department. What else can I do???

We are a subset of humanity and by the end of this century all frames of reference on neurodiversity will be completely different. We will not be a disorder, we will be a different form of neurology that when we are on top of our natures, is perfectly functional and acceptable. it is when aspie nature gets the better of us that we are relatively disabled. Compared to What? Super achievers? Who sets the bar for functionality in the world? Someone get me a universal standard for neurotypicality???

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