Sunday, November 1, 2015


Merlin L. Taylor, Jr. has sent in "RIGHTS OF ADULTS WITH AUTISM"

1. Right of access—equal to that of any other member of the community—to all community facilities
2. Right to confidentiality of communications with helping professionals
3. Right to manage one’s own appearance according to one’s own tastes (within legal limits)
4. Right to education and training that fits the following criteria
a. Adapted as necessary to individual weaknesses and strengths
b. Appropriate to age and abilities
c. Relevant to individual needs and desires
5. Right to engage—without force, hindrance or manipulation—in interpersonal relationships, including (but not limited to) relationships that are
a. Clinical (e.g., with a physician or therapist—unlike other relationships, these cannot be combined with any other type of relationship)
b. Mentoring (wherein exchange of knowledge is involved)
c. Occupational/professional (in the workplace)
d. Personal (e.g., friendships)
e. Social (e.g., members of the same church congregation)
f. Sexual (with legal adults, by the consent of all involved)
6. Right to experience the natural consequences—positive and negative—of one’s own actions
7. Right to freedom from harassment, repression and violence
8. Right to request and receive—or to refuse—necessary assistance from willing and able individuals (e.g.: treatment from a physician, mentoring from a teacher, etc.)
9. Right to request and receive—or to refuse—physical touch from willing and able individuals
10. Right to request and receive protection by appropriate legal authorities against violations of one’s rights
11. Right to request and receive respect for one’s own
a. Sensibilities
b. Humanity
c. Individuality
d. Ethnic and cultural background
e. Sexuality and gender
12. Right of self-advocacy (speaking out for one’s own interests vocally and/or in writing)
13. Right of self-defense (both verbally and—as a last resort—physically)
14. Right to self-expression (within legal limits)

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  1. Excellent list! I wholeheartedly agree.


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