Sunday, November 1, 2015

Reward and Consent

Dave Jersey submits the following posts on his blog Reward and Consent.

"Interview, essay: Anna Kosovskaya escapes the Judge Rotenberg Center of Applied Behavior Analysis electroshock "treatment/torture", her self-reported adventures with interviewer analysis.

Behavioral Ethics essay: My one day of electric shock was worse than 36 years of antipsychotics.
Advocacy motivation: Judge Rotenberg Center's Achilles' heel vulnerability is the truth about Applied Behavior Analysis' electroshock torture.

Trigger Warnings for Discussion of ABA, of the practices in the Judge Rotenberg Center, of electroshock, torture, and medications.

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  1. Here's another one I submitted, I seem to recall. It must have been accidentally omitted from my submissions. There are pageviews from here to my blog. Thanks for making this wonderful concept come true, autistic blogging day!

    News report action alert: Association for Behavior Analysis International "approves" Judge Rotenberg (electroshock "treatment/torture") Center.


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