Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Autistic Speaking

Leia Solo writes "Autistic Speaking" at Leia Solo.

I’ve been pulsing with energy for 3 weeks
I had to be
I organized a fast and hard house move
I held on for the ride, whipping the power spurts to magnify them and get me through
My autistic brain whirred at high speed and here I am in my new house
Job done

I’m sucked of life
Searching for somewhere safe and soft to land
A hidey-hole to embrace the numb
I am spent of all emotion and pill hungry to slumber
My autistic brain is on screen saver and I must wait while it regenerates
Job in progress

This is how it is
This is how it works
This is why I achieve space travel at light speed
This is why even typing is too much

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