Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Writing the Brochure I Want to Read in the World

Nightengale writes "Writing the Brochure I Want to Read in the World" at NIGHTENGALESKND.

I want a brochure I can hand families of newly diagnosed autistic children. Something readable, 3-4 pages, giving accurate information and guiding parents on a starting pathway. I say all sorts of things about autism in my visits, but often parents don’t seem to hear much after the word “autism.” A handout would change that.

There are documents that already exist, of course, that claim to do just this.

I can’t use any of them.

I’ve started to write my own. I got about two pages in and then other, more time sensitive obligations swam into view. I need to go back and finish.

In the meantime I’m recommending “The Real Experts.” It was written by autistic adults for the parents of newly diagnosed children, I say.

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