Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Marble (A Poem)

Caycilia writes "Marble (A Poem)" at Love and Pragmatism.

Sometimes I can't look at you
Sometimes I can't really be here

There's too much.
So I need to be somewhere else

Sometimes I just stare and you can tell by the look in my eye that I'm not seeing what I'm looking at
Or I'm only seeing what I'm looking at

Just the marble
Just the grain in the wood of the table
Focusing on it.

Not in this room

With all its things
All its faces
All its sounds

I'm not here

Inundated by everything

Just the grains in the wood of the table top
Just the swirl of the colored glass in the marble

If it's only that

Only this

Then i can hear you
Then i can pick out your one voice
And listen

Even if this focus

On the one thing
And the one voice

 Means i can't use mine

To respond.

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