Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Q and A about autism and art

another from fryfan20, this one called "Q and A about autism and art" on tumblr

Q: how do feel about things like this: brainpickings.org/index.php/2011… Do you think labelling art as ‘autism-related art’ does help the artist, and does provide a helpful context for the viewer? Or does it create a special ‘corner’ for artists w/ autism that, in fact, reduces and limits them to this category? As I know from your writing, it’s not all about autism all the time, and you are not limiting yourself to this topic.

A: these things never feel right because there is no reason why people can’t enjoy the art without the pity part and they don’t need any pity. people who go to those things often have no right idea about what autism is and the general feeling seems to be “aww how good that they can do art too” witch is nonsense, of course we can do art and some of us are very good. those who are good, you will also find good without knowing that they have autism. positive discrimination is still discrimination, we don’t need to be set apart from the rest to impress people. if I ever get a book published then I would never let anyone describe me as a autistic writer, because it will influence people’s opinions about the work and I am worth more then pity and I don’t want to wonder if people really for what it is.

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