Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Autistic FaceBook Comments

We had a couple of participants make comments on Facebook.  I thought that we should make a post, just for them on the blog.  
Facebook Comments

Amy Ouellette
I don't have a blog so I'll just post on here :D

I'm 23 and have had Asperger's since I was five years old. I spent years getting Occupational Therapy services when I was younger and Speech Therapy services until I graduated from high school, which has overall helped me in many ways. However, I also feel like sometimes having gotten those therapies had only helped me to learn how to act like a neurotypical when I know I'm not an NT and am never going to be one.
My viewpoint on having AS, however, is mostly a nuetral/positive one :) I have my good days and bad days just like every other person. I feel like having AS has helped me be more empathetic towards other people who feel like they're different from typical people. I feel like my passion for advocacy would disappear if I didn't have AS, which is what I don't want. 
Also, since I can't have more than 1,000 characters in my wall post, my family and friends who know about my disability have been supportive the entire time and am grateful for them having faith in my abilities even when I don't always believe in myself :)

Thanks for giving me and other people on the spectrum a chance to share :)

Lorrie Koehler
I dont have a blog, but I will just say..Yes I have autism. Sometimes high functioning other times??? There are adults who grew up not knowing what was
so different about them only knew they were different. I am one of them. I
was diagnosed about a year ago. Glad I finally know and can just be myself.
Physically I am forty something.........Mentality ?????? I guess it varies. Just wanted to speak on Autistics Speaking Day.

Jo Qatana Adell
What I don't understand is why people who suddenly become affected by autism get so angry with me. Is it because I can speak for myself when their loved one can't/wont?

Glyn Steiner
I do not have a blog either. My word to others is this: Asperger's syndrome greatly affects my decision-making. And finally I have a mentality of a teenager.

Nadine Silber
I don't a have a blog so I will need to just post something short. So here it is "on one foot" so to speak - good self esteem is even more important than good social skills. Afford people dignity. Do what you enjoy. Be happy with who you are.

Diane MacNaughton
Let us Rejoice in our Autistic Voices and let everyone know it is Autistic speaking Day!!! And whoever we meet let us tell them of this great day!!! And that we are all different and can communicate in different and glorious ways.

CarolAnn Edscorn
New employee at work last night. Chatty chatting chattering at amazing speed. I asked for insight from a manager. Next time I go into work, using my auditory recall of topics (mostly past jobs & people SHE knew) I will have a list of topics of my OWN for sharing. Chatting is seldom sharing. But I think I can help this shift. This is a moment when that central coherence thing - attention to DETAILS - may help! Do people blather as a habit or as a result of fear and anxiety? The puzzle piece applies to us understanding neurotypicals as well as their understanding of us! Smile--it makes others wonder what you are up to! THANKS

Dàibhidh MacNiocail MacAindreais
i have done nothing for today. my life is in such a bloody mess that it's impossible to do anything. reason for this is the total lack of appropriate actual support that one gets in Finland was a foreigner with a disability: the Finnish system hates foreigners and hates the disabled, and if one is both - then life very soon gets to be a burden more than a joy.

John Greally
‎"I wanted my Johnny to grow up able to communicate for himself and to be independent of his parents. When he grew up he told me he did not want me and my husband running the local Autism Group while he was being "provided for" and his "best interests" taken care of by "those who know". I then realized that my task was not to have raised an independent communicator, but a crushed mute."

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