Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Raw Emotion

Laura Eleanor ButLer made this post on Facebook:

My parents are wonderful people. They did not want to cure me, but I did. If I was normal, I would know how to ride a bike and nobody would force me to receive what I referred to as "optional therapy". They wouldn't leave me alone, because my parents were paying for me to recieve this undesired assistance. Why they wished to expose me to cootie-infested peers (by which I mean 'boys who were also recieving OT yet were somehow not miserable') I have no desire to learn. I did not belong among these cootie-ridden children, and whatever it was they were having us do simply made me feel worse because I knew if I was normal I would not be stuck there.

It still hurts, over a decade later. But I no longer wish to be normal. I simply wish for the next generation of autistic girls to suffer less than I did. There is a reason I believe in 'child-directed therapy'. Every autistic is different.

Be sure to read the rest for mroe details.

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