Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The things I think are important to remember ...

From Nadine Silber comes this post:

To allies: Please continue to help autistic people to develop and maintain good self esteem by encouraging people to treat us with dignity in their words and deeds.

To the world: Please do not assume that if a person is married or well educated or has children of their own that they are necessarily late-diagnosed, self-diagnosed or mildly impacted by their autistic symptoms (or that their children are.) That is not always the case. It is possible to like yourself and find happiness even when you have overcome and continue to face many challenges.

To younger autistic people - some things get easier and there are other people out there who do understand. Really. Reach out if you get too overwhelmed. You are unique. You don't need to impress anyone - the best gifts you can give yourself are liking yourself and not being afraid to do what makes you happy.

To professionals who work with autistic people: Please don't assume that you know why someone is doing something unless they tell you that is the reason.

That's what my sons and I have to say ...

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