Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Speaking of Experts...

A post from The Accidental Expert at Raising Complicated Kids.

As the mom of two kids on the autism spectrum, I usually have a lot to say.  If you've tuned into my blog for any length of time, you've shared in our struggles, our heartbreaks, triumphs and funnies.  From what people tell me, this is a valuable perspective, one that most outside the autism community have no real knowledge of.

But enough about me.

Today I am here to put the spotlight on a different type of expert.  Those on the autism spectrum themselves.  And specifically, those have been so brave and honest to share their stories. I applaud you and I thank you.

You have helped my family more than you know.  From each story I read from an adult on the spectrum, I gain new understanding.  Not of my world, but that of my kids.  You have given me a behind-the-scenes view of their attitudes, their struggles, their strengths.  And, on days when I worry about what the future holds, you give me a beacon of hope.

Today is Autistics Speaking Day.  It's a call to those on the spectrum to speak out and to be heard.  To have a voice, break stereotypes and increase awareness.  Go check out what some of the participants have to say here. I think you'll be glad you did.

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