Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Need of Directions

From PeripheralPerspective from Peripheral Minds of Autism:

In Need of Directions

Each day i live my life
Never knowing who I am
Confusion. Wondering.
I want to be someone
Someone I'd admire
So I try and I always seem to fail
I'm never satisfied, I'm always upset
I'm afraid I'll never know happiness
So many things tear me apart
And I try to throw myself together
That's how I feel, like a puzzle
A puzzle of many pieces
Never fitting together--- and never will
It's terrifying knowing so much
and understanding so little
It makes it hard to live
I'm possessed and obsessed because
I try so hard
I know the answers-- not the
methods --- I know where I want
to be... just not the directions.

Written in 1991
19 years old.

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