Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A. Speaks for Autistics Speaking Day

Devon Alley has her daughter respond to questions on A. Speaks for Autistics Speaking Day: 

From @Joanmarie: What should we/society be doing differently?

Good question for sure. Pretty much everyone should know this: America gets to make some books & more movies about autistic people. Because they’re like the stars (or children) of the Leos. And I should know, they will not be dissed.

From @deograine: What do you most wish non-autistic people could understand about autism?

They can make some more books. If sucessful, they can find how a person’s autism could be wired differently. Let’s all hope they don’t make a cure for autism! They’re special they way they ARE.

From Mom: What is your personal definition of autism?

Well, here’s my defo: Autism - an extremaly rare contition that wires the brain differently. In high-funtioning, you could speak. In just regular, well, might I say silent?

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