Friday, November 1, 2013

The Unaltruistic Nature of Autism Speaks

Patricia Elaine Chandler writes "The Unaltruistic Nature of Autism Speaks".

Autism Speaks serves One Purpose and One Purpose Only: To Make Money! No one wants to officially challenge them in court because it's believed they are too powerful to fight because of the people, entities and organizations mesmerized by and tied to them.

Their endgame is 21st Eugenics and they are using Social Media, Entertainment and the Political Process to achieve their goal.

They have been working with China to identify a "fake genetic biomarker" on the Human Genome.

A "fake bloodtest" for detecting Autism during prenatal screening is going to be approved by the FDA.
The "scientist/researcher" who just won a piece of a Nobel Prize, works for Autism Speaks.

These things COST Money. Owning the Human Genome Project, now going into it's 2nd phase as the BRAIN Initiatives and buying a Nobel Prize COSTS a pretty penny.

Autism Speaks has Lots of pretty pennies because people all over the world co-sign Autism Speaks out of Intimidation and Fear!

Now you know why Autism Speaks needs so much money to Support their Non-profit 501(c)3 International Corporate organization initiatives.

What was Autism Speaks doing at the U. N. General Assembly a few weeks ago? Providing the last payment for that Nobel Prize and finalizing the ownership of Autism as a "Genetic Disease".

Before the U. S. Supreme Court went an case to allow Life Science companies, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, the ability to OWN A DISEASE. Plain English: if I Own Parkinsons Disease and my company finally finds the "Cure" that completely eradicates the "disease" forever, my company is the Only Company that can SELL THE CURE, at ANY PRICE, worldwide, For Ever!

Just because this all sounds "crazy" and "conspiracy theorist", doesn't mean it is; that's what Movies are for.

This is why I AM going to Law School; to shut down Autism Speaks, before they do any more harm to the Future Generations. This is why they Do Not Support Autistic Adults, and have only a handful of Token Autistics on the payroll.

Bob Wright is the "former" head of Universal NBC and he founded MSNBC. That's Powerful position to be in when it comes to Subliminally influencing Millions through the Media.

The only way to counter and then shut down Autism Speaks, is to create and build an Organization of their magnitude to DO what Autism Speaks claims to have been doing for over 15 years; Create an environment of the highest levels of excellence in Care, Support, Guidance, Services, Resources, Health, Education, Employment and Safety Tools, for the Autistic Person, infant, child, teen, adult and senior, to Thrive with Outstanding Outcomes in every area of Life!

Illusion masked as Reality through Social Media is their "ace in the hole". Autistics don't know how to Play Games and Thank GOD for That!

I AM not a mistake or freak of nature, to be deleted from the Human Genome, fabric of life and no one, no matter how Rich or Connected, like Bob Wright, has the Right to Say, and Scientifically Orchestrate, who GETS TO LIVE and WHO DOESN'T GET TO BE BORN!

"A Change Grows In Brooklyn: No Longer Invisible On The Autism Spectrum" ~ Copyright © 2011 by PATRICIA ELAINE CHANDLER
My autobiography, to be published coinciding with my first college graduation from CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice | Class of 2017

"I Am Autism SPEAKING LOUDER, Than Ever Before!" ~ Copyright © 2011 by PATRICIA ELAINE CHANDLER

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