Thursday, November 1, 2018

Life on the Spectrum

Sean Callaghan has submitted his blog Life on the Spectrum.

Sean has requested trigger warnings.

All materials on following the link has not been reviewed, so reader discretion is advised. At the very least, content warnings are in place for life story events.

From Life on the Spectrum, Chapter 4:  
At some point that summer I found out about the fact that I had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, suddenly all the pills and all the bizarre classroom and school switches began to make sense. This would become a liability in the coming year. I started Middle School around the first week of September 2001. We were the only class in session since the School District that the Intermediate Unit was leasing a school room from was on strike. But the IU staff was not on strike and so we had class, giving us a rather bizarre beginning to Middle School because most of the district kids were not there.  That was good on some level, since I did not initially have the problems I expected, having for some time been scared of Middle School and teenagers (I was a strong believer in the line “oh the hideous stench of teenagers,” as was heard in the first Power Rangers film).  You might think this odd since I was very close to being a teenager myself. Plus I had other issues; the teachers were brand new and had no more clue to what they were getting into than I did.

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