Friday, November 2, 2018

Where was heaven?

Where was heaven?
by Seven C.

"Can I wash it off my skin with water- how they look at me as if I were see-through. Can I be anybodies child?" Wrote that after a long day of work, overwhelmed and overheated. Unsure of how I could even imagine doing it all over again. If anything, I wish I could understand how hard it was to accept me for who I am. Even in good graces, the whole of me was too much. In my own pursuit of happiness, I hope that everyone finds theirs. I look up and around and wonder if there's any place that I rather be. For all the good times that I had in this spot, I'm not sure if I ever found the happiness that they were searching for me. Happiness that I wanted them to have. I wondered where was heaven.

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