Thursday, November 1, 2018

Brain fog autistic speaking spray 2018

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Brain fog autistic speaking spray 2018

Ok yes this is a scattered mess thinking is had right now I’m sorry

t’s autistic speaking day but it’s also the day after Samhain (Halloween ) so my brain is tired and I feel brained, I don’t know much what to say, I tell myself I need to remember to conserve my spoons and write this a week or a month ahead, it’s not like I don’t have plenty of blog ideas that come and go unwritten because I don’t get the spoons to sit down to write them down so they go un written. However once again that didn’t happen this year so this year I’m doing a short half processing spontaneous post, but perhaps that is most appropriate, to honor the day of rest and accept my own need for saving spoons, to not strain to make a perfect logical thought out articulate piece about my right to be as a human, or how being Autistic is , or about the rights to communication access or how autistic people are constantly devalued and talked over and how we are taking this day back to have our voices heard  because at the end of the day no owns value should be based on our ability to explain these things to you in a week though out way or to word and all communication is valid this is autistic speaking day and for today I’m communicating more with gestures than AAC and that’s ok my thoughts aren’t clearly typed and skcattered and still I’m autistic and human and my life aphasia value this way as doe every autistic no mater how we communicate or how much we appear to be aware or understand, our voice in all forms should speak of autistic experience and our live still have value. We shouldn’t need to prove these for you to accept theses

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