Thursday, November 1, 2018

Amplifying Autistics

Nightengale, Amplifying Autistics on Dreamwidth

Amplifying Autistics

I’ve stopped reading books about autism written by non-autistic people.

Neurotribes? I’ve read two dozen reviews. I haven’t read the book. Yes, I know it’s well researched and well written. I’m not convinced it has a lot of information that would be new to me. And I’m tired of reading books about autism written by non-autistic people. Also, I’m tired of the calls for quotes on autism now going to Steve Silberman. Yes, he’s done some good ally work. Yes, it’s better than the quotes going to Autism Speaks. No, it’s still not OK.

Uniquely Human? I skipped that one too. I’ve read other Prizant. He talks a good talk, but he still clearly sees non-autistic ways of communicating and playing as superior. He’s not as much of an ally as he tries to say he is.

I still read research articles written by non-autistic people. I have to stay up to date for my work. I don’t always know the neurotype of researchers, anyway. Maybe someday, I can extend my policy to research.

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