Friday, November 1, 2019

Participants List 2018


Sean Callaghan Life on the Spectrum (see content warnings)
Nicolette Cetrulo The Desexualization of Women with Disabilities Should Not Be an Unspoken Issue
C.L. Bridge To My Preteen Self on Autistics Speaking Day and "Actually, It's Crooked": Autism and Precocious Speech
Carolina Rutz Without Apology (See Content Warnings)
Autisticeducator Here’s the Thing About Language
Devin S. Turk Autism, Transmasculine Identity, and Invisibility , Behind The Mask , and The Joys of Autistic Life
Castiel Hannon Stimming
Cat Daly Eh, Who Needs A Brain Anyway? (See Content Warnings)
Becca Lory Hector, CAS, BCCS Where Are My Adult Autism Supports, Dammit?!
Courtney Johnson No, I’m Not “Overcoming” Autism
Kate Ross - Cherry Blossom Tree I have a lot to say (a poem)
endever* Happy Autistics Speaking Day!
Ben Edwards The Country of Autistic People
Leeanne Marshall Autistics Speaking Day 2018
Nightengale Amplifying Autistics
Fallon Mydske Autistics Speaking Day 2018
Jane Nine Years On from AS Day #1
Autismdoggirl Brain fog autistic speaking spray 2018
Anita M. King Body Language
Timotheus "T.J." Gordon, Jr. #AutisticsSpeakingDay2018 Post: A Call to Intertwine Race into the Autistic Community
Seven C. Den, I'm so fucking tired (see Content Warning), and Where was heaven?
David Cameron Staples (aka Catsidhe) Autism 101
Fiona Dry Eyes Album (See Content Warnings)
Tagm They Were Wrong

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